Whiskey Ranch BBQ "Best BBQ in Arizona"

Jennifer Duncan Bio

As co-owner of a thriving 100% mobile catering company, Jennifer is “Pit Master’” both behind the scenes and on the competition trail. With more than 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, Jennifer makes sure that every minute detail of making Whiskey Ranch BBQ Company a success, is executed efficiently and seamlessly. From handling sales and marketing tasks, to managing accounts receivables, to booking new catering jobs and going “pit-to-pit” against her husband in BBQ competitions nationwide, Jennifer makes it all happen PLUS manage a household and raise two great kids, Cole and Cassie.

Together, Jennifer and Tommy have created a one-of-a-kind barbeque company with a unique structure. While they only have two full-time employees (themselves), they are able to provide catering services to companies that as many as 20,000 employees by always including charity involvement. For every event they cater, they get eager volunteers from the charity of choice who assist with serving and clean up and, in turn, that charity receives a generous donation for their help in making the event a success. It is a bona-fide win-win for everyone. They never measure their success on what they have done but on how much they can give back. After the catering is concluded, the real fun begins when Tommy and Jennifer compete against each other on the national barbeque circuit. The loser has to wear pink and, often, that means Tommy! Both will be featured on the Food Network show “Chopped” this month. And, the big question is will Tommy be wearing pink?

Jennifer and Tommy are a rare example of a couple that lives, works and plays together 24/7. In her rare spare time, Jennifer loves taking the family to Disneyland (again), cooking and reading. She resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her family.